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Today I want to talk about my Breitling Superocean, these are some pictures I took in the cooler weather and got tweets of praise and took some lovely pictures of the Breitling Superocean on the beach, I had a little bit of an aversion to my Superocean, people said to me that actually removed it from your collection, it was a dog that got the Submariner, I have to say look back truck back on the truck, I mean the Superocean, I think it's a cool thing, I like the super polished steel, I mean it's cool to do and I've said people say they don't like the look of the bezel this piece, I have to say I think it's pretty snazzy and you know my love for the Superocean is Breitling a lot of things that aren't huge right now, and the Superocean, even though it's a very big piece, I think it's a great piece. And the Superocean, although it's very appropriate, you know it's a proper sports watch, size forty-one and a half million, not including the crown, it's not at this ridiculous stage, I find it very interesting, I like this piece a lot.

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I really like the Breitling clasp, I think it's very well made, the bracelet is cool, you know it's a great piece, I'll be happy later, I want to try this Breitling strap there are not many different straps, but I will say that I think they are real luxury fake watches, I don't hate it at all, and what I love about Breitling is The dials Breitling is a manufacturer that has always been famous for having excellent dials and these pictures don't exactly show what the II means yes but they are really really cool you know the dials are super bright style and just the aluminum numbers are fantastic for Arabic numerals and just tell the whole thing really well I really like the Superocean you know this this is a pretty good model you know I think it's pre-2003 y2k but you know I don't think that makes it bad, I think every dollar is a huge breakthrough, the Breitling it's a one thousand meter, you know water resistant watch, I mean that's cool and it's not a lot of money for a luxury watch, honestly I think the Breitling is a luxury watch, I know I contradict myself, I said the Breitling is a Breitling a luxury I know I'm contradicting myself when I say Breitling is a luxury watch, I'm not saying it well, I'm actually I'm the first to admit if I'm wrong, I guess I'm wrong. Breitling are luxury fake watches and has a lot of great fake watches and I think the Superocean is just a cool watch and the kilometer, you know I mean that's really amazing for a watch and I did impress me and I did have an ear accident on this piece when I was shooting this watch on the beach and the tide came in .

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I quickly grabbed my fake Breitling watches and surfed in and got soaked but you know it's okay because it's a Breitling Superocean and it handles it well and I went back and got it back and it was cool so you know it was a great watch and I just I like the Superocean and I think it's a great piece rather it's a slightly different diving piece, I mean everybody has a Szabo, you know it's just a cool piece and I really like being the crown of the Breitling B. Some people have criticized the screws on the bezel on the side of the bezel. The bezel is kind of like a screw in, no I think it's cool, I think I think the Superocean is a great piece and now that I've actually added it to my collection I think it's a little bit unusual, you know sometimes rules are made for breaking, I say it's because it has an ETA movement, you know, you know how I feel about ETA movements, but as far as parts go it's a great thing, the Because it's highly polished bracelet beautiful dial it has a helium release valve and it knows a proper popper dive watch that's not a lot of money.

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Yeah at least I have to have a Submariner in my collection, I mean you know they are they are too much, I'm afraid I like the Submariner, I think eventually you know I have to get us up and get the Sub II but you know the Superocean is a fantastic choice to own it and it's cool to own it's a cool watch for me and I like it and I know Somebody wants to challenge me, I would rock on the Superocean because it's the core and I think it belongs in my collection, it's a great piece, it's a steel black dial lovely dial, I know it's not an internal movement but I know that there's a lot of money in each piece so why not include it in your collection so you know I I'm really happy to have this Superocean, it shoots very well So that's all to know if you don't like it you won't buy it yourself but for me I think it's great value for money you know it fills a gap I don't have a dive watch and I've kind of gotten away from dive watches and the price of this piece has gone up a lot and I think it's great Mr. Archie Luxury tells me what you think I've been away from dive fake watches for a while and this piece The price of this piece has gone up a lot and I think it looks great I'm Archie Luxury, please tell me what you think I've been away from dive fake watches for a while and the price of this piece has gone up a lot and I think it looks great.

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