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Hello everyone and welcome to replicamagic3's video series. Today, we take a look at one of the most underrated but very interesting models in the Rolex catalog: the Air-King. Released during the Second World War, the Rolex Air-King is the only remaining production watch from the original "Air Series".

14000 Rolex Air-King Unisex Automatic

Fake Air-King History

Released in 1945, the Air-King joins the ranks of the Air Lion, Air Giant and Air Tiger, all of which were created in honor of the RAF pilots of the Battle of Britain. Like many other fake watches, the Air-King was designed with a specific type of person in mind. In this case, it was the pilot. Over the years, pilots have adopted the Air-King, and some companies (such as Pan Am) have given it as a gift to retired pilots. the Air-King is widely known for its appearance and has become a superb collector's item. The Rolex Air-King has undergone several modifications. The 4499, 6552, 5500, 14000, 14000m and 114200 have been recorded throughout its turbulent history.

Rolex Updates Air-King

First, the transitional fake Air-King 6552 does not use the ``Hunter'' movement of several other models in this collection. Instead, it uses the caliber 1030. The 5500 model, introduced in 1957, also took advantage of the different movements, opting for a 1520 or 1530 movement due to import laws restricting the 1520 movement, thus reducing the use of jewels. A variety of dial forms were used during production, including the extremely rare double red dial marked with Air-King and Super Precision red lettering. Despite many new references and advances, an additional fake Air-King line featuring the Air-King Date and 5500 models was developed in 1958. Utilizing the advanced technology of the Explorer, the 5500 case was also used for the 35mm Air-King, the only Air-King with this case size." The "Air" line of fake watches was produced in the 1960's and only the Air-King continued to improve and be produced. For almost 37 years, the Air-King line remained the same. Eventually, the watch was upgraded with a sapphire crystal and a 3000 caliber with the release of the 14000. The following reference, the 14010, introduced the hood.

In 2000, both were updated to feature the caliber 3130. In 2007, the 14000 line was replaced by the new and improved 114200. This reference series changed the appearance of the Air-King. The new fake Air-King has a thicker case and is slightly larger. It has a concentric dial on top and a new machined oyster bracelet. Although the original reference had an engine-turned bezel, it was later removed, although Rolex did offer the option of adding a white gold fluted bezel. With this reference, the Air-King received official COSC certification even before its more popular Rolex sibling, the Submariner. the Air-King reference 114200 is a modern incarnation of the original Air-King, but with modern Rolex refinements and features. While water resistance is not necessarily a cause for concern for most pilots, pressure can be. However, with the Rolex (rolex) Oyster case, many of these issues can be addressed. The current Oyster case not only protects the watch through the use of screws, but also the material it is made of The case is made of 904L super alloy stainless steel, ensuring strength and durability.

Oyster Case And 3130 Movement

The Oyster case provides strength and durability, a theme that Rolex takes a step further with the blue Parachrom hairspring. Specifically designed by Rolex, the blue Parachrom hairspring offers greater resistance to shocks and temperature changes. The hairspring is made of a highly stable paramagnetic alloy that includes niobium and zirconium. It is insensitive to magnetic fields and 10 times more resistant to shocks. Thus, if the wearer accidentally drop fake watches, the Oyster case and the Parachrom hairspring will work together to protect the watch's delicate movement. This version of the Rolex King in the Air also takes advantage of another of Rolex's great technological developments: the timeless, mechanical, self-winding movement. This particular model is equipped with the caliber 3130. Like most Rolex movements, the 3130 movement was developed and manufactured entirely by Rolex and is certified Swiss chronometer. This movement is designed to harness the energy of a natural wrist movement to provide a reliable, clean source of power to the watch movement. If moved at least once every 48 hours, the watch will continue to run without winding. The movement features a half-moon pendulum which is free to rotate in both directions of its axis.

Rolex 116900

Rolex goes a step further with two unique red inverted wheels that ensure efficient winding of the movement regardless of the direction of rotation of the oscillating weight. As a result, any simple movement of the wrist generates enough energy to keep the watch running. And while the Air King Ref. 116900 may look like a completely different watch, it has always been the same since the original Pilot's Watch. Still equipped with a crown that rotates downward, this case can withstand depths of up to 330 feet and higher altitudes. This updated reference also takes advantage of the additional water resistance from the Twinlock screw-down crown, the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and the popular 904L stainless steel. The new-generation caliber 3131 constant movement beats inside the case, offering an accuracy of plus or minus two seconds per day. Although the "Air-King" logo has been moved lower on the dial, avid Rolex collectors will be delighted that it remains on the dial, just like the original fake Air-King. With its aesthetic appeal and fine, precise construction, there is no doubt that the Air-King has had such a long production run and is still in production today.

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